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Silly Silas

Silly Silas has embarked on a journey to reinvent traditional tights with braces into new versions that fit the modern world our kids live in. This beautiful tradition originates from the Czech Republic. Their mission is and has always been to support and cherish these decades-old, traditional, family-owned productions and artisans in the EU, making sure that this local craft won’t slowly vanish. Now available in more than thirty-five countries all across the world, their goal at Silly Silas is to create sustainable, timeless, and practical tights that kids will love.

Their focus goes even further, too. Silly Silas cares for the little ones as well as the future of our Planet Earth––they’ve been awarded the top certifications in the textile sector, and are proud to carry OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GOTS, and RWS certifications.


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