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A Wondrous Adventure…

A Wondrous Adventure…

A Wondrous Adventure…

When we heard that local illustrator Johanna Basford was due to release a new colouring book, Worlds of Wonder we were delighted for her. Having already stocked some of her previous books in store and online we knew this would be a great addition to her body of work, but when Johanna offered to stock Indi + Will with some exclusive signed copies for sale she didn’t have to ask twice, it was a straight up YES! We were absolutely thrilled to support such a local talent, as were our customers with the first batch selling out incredibly fast! The book itself has taken a high spot ranking on the UK Non-Fiction Paperbacks and we can understand why as it is such a gorgeous book and can appreciate how much time has been spent creating such a piece. 

After the year we have all endured it is safe to say that adventure is what many of us are craving and with this in mind Johanna designed Worlds of Wonder to transport the colourist on a journey through wondrous worlds allowing your imagination to roam and creativity to flow. Allowing yourself a moment of serenity as you travel through dreamy scenes within the book is truly calming and peaceful. We have enjoyed seeing various images of colourist’s work so far and their own take on their personal voyage through Worlds of Wonder. With Johanna having such a huge global following we were overwhelmed with the orders received for the books and enjoyed seeing how far and wide they have travelled around the world. We are so thankful to all our customers for purchasing a book and your support of an independent business, you all mean so much to Indi + Will.


We know that there were many left disappointed by the quick sell out of the highly sought after signed copies of Worlds of Wonder, therefore Johanna offered (much to our delight) to sign some more copies to stock in hope that others can “bag themselves” a signed book.  We have been so grateful to Johanna for taking the time to do this for us in order for our lovely customers to purchase a piece of illustrative history.


Keep your eyes peeled for more signed copies to go on sale real soon (they come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper) and don’t forget to add your choice of colouring pens or pencils to your basket when ordering your next colouring book, they are available on the online store now.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, team Indi + Will xxx

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